A trip to Porto for consolation ?

Traditionally to dredge the girl, it is advisable first to seduce the father. I decided to direct me to the oldest café in the city, served in the hopes of taking the temperature with the ancestors of my coveted. The Café Majestic is located in Rua Santa Catarina. The taxi dropped me right in front of the marble facade of the entrance. I have a little apprehension before entering the enclosure walls, as if a secret would be revealed to me. I pass the threshold and suddenly time stops! Inside everything is very new Art. Chandeliers, precious wood, porcelain, pottery, murals and mirrors are in the game. It smells like cinnamon and orange. Many images come to mind. My dreams summon the romance and glamor, without filter or detained. I lose myself in the royal map of the proposed hot drinks, when a server happily comes to my rescue. Not speaking the language, I smiled and rolled his eyes, then handed me his accent when he pronounces Café BomBom. “Oh yes, a BoumBoum coffee! “I enthusiastically. He laughed and brought me back a gourmet milk nectar. I revel in. And this puts me in appetite. In the room, I cast my gaze little penguin ask the addition. Brave, he slips me her name and phone number on the note. First fish in the meshes of my net! Fishing promises to be good …

THE CAFÉ MAJESTIC : Rua Santa Catarina 112, 4000-442 Porto, Portugal



The full article in the French magazine Wyylde (July-August 2016).



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