…Tail on fire?

Having laid our sights Vila Nova de Gaia side, we find the river banks bursting with many wine cellars. So after dinner, we can not resist to wander around in search of ever more intense excitement. Rozes, Croft, Taylor … There are sixty port of homes on the banks of the Douro. The visits are organized in the afternoon, imperatively before 18H, with guide and tasting. I spit with envy … A sign points especially my attention, some gold letters on the stone: “Cockburn’s”. I ask my Playboy: “Are-are you reading like me, down the little path there, under the entry: Tail on fire? “. He laughs, and gives me a look of mingled provocative and vice: “I think we found our cellar.” Very hot, we go into the lair of the devil, wanton smiles to the lips. Here, as everywhere since my arrival, the Portuguese perfectly mastered French and English in addition to their mother tongue. We were asked to wait a few moments and a young man to look slender and delicate pronunciation us into basements half-lit, filled with wooden vats. The history of wine is told us, its transport, its conservation, its appellations. My favorite is trying to jump me between two barrels, while the guide, with a knowing smile, continued his speech: “Years of expertise, generations of men and women who have worked in the development of this delicious nectar … “. The smell of dust is mixed with that of alcohol. The hot hand of my love redoubled fondling my buttocks. My mind escapes and the call of lust arises. The hour of truth, sitting in front of three glasses of port, we have: the “Ruby”, the “vintage-10 years old” and the “Special reserve- 20 years of age.” One by one, we taste and swallow the juices. My preference is to taste deliciously caramelized the oldest, while my poet at heart for the potion in the name of gemstone. We are drunk with wine and love when we leave the scene.

COCKBURN’S : R. de Serpa Pinto 346, 4400-307 Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal

Find all of my article in the French magazine WYYLDE #3 Juillet-Août 2016



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